IN PERSON Social Media Think Tank


What if I were to tell you that by the end of 2019 you will be celebrating the fact that you got a good handle on planning your online presence for your business (including social media, newsletters, blogs, your website and more).

Would you feel EXCITED? What about relieved?

This IN PERSON Social Media Think Tank was created especially for you.

It is for you if you are often feeling STUCK when it comes to WHAT to post online in order to create meaningful connections for your business.

It is for you if you feel some connection and collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs would help your creative juices flow.

Doesn’t it feel great when you’ve helped or supported fellow entrepreneurs? In Social Media Think Tank, we walk away feeling great every time with the connections we’ve made and knowing that we have helped other like-minded entrepreneurs.

We often talk about social media changes and best practices as part of our time together each month. Social Media Think Tank attendees find this helpful as they navigate their plans for the month ahead.

Social Media Think Tank is designed to help you:

* be inspired by others
* learn and grow together with fellow, like-minded entrepreneurs
* brainstorm and create ONLINE CONTENT for the month ahead
* learn more about social media and how it can work for you to build connections and grow your business
* feel focused and productive

Planning Online PresenceYou will walk away feeling inspired, motivated and ready to tackle the month ahead in the online aspects of your business.

You will also receive access to posting ideas and planning sheets for the month. The sooner you register, the sooner I can start researching the month ahead with YOUR BUSINESS in mind!

If you feel like you could use some more accountability throughout the month to keep your posting and engaging consistent AND if you are looking to expand your education on how to best use social media, blogs, newsletters and more, then you might want to consider the ONLINE Social Media Think Tank as well. Online Social Media Think Tank Members receive a highly discounted rate to attend monthly IN PERSON Think Tank sessions.

Let’s making planning your online presence
a priority and a success TOGETHER in 2019!

Planning Your Online Presence
When you purchase a 6 Month Pass, you receive unlimited access to In Person Social Media Think Tank sessions
(1 daytime and 1 evening option available monthly).
$149.99 plus HST
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Social Media Think Tank
Should you wish to attend an individual Social Media Think Tank, click the image below to register and/or learn the dates/times .
Social Media Think Tank
You can find our 2019 In Person Social Media Think Tank Dates and Times here.