The Small Business Coach, Consultant and

Onine Marketing Stratetgist for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Helping Heartledpreneurs gain confidence + clarity with their online business.

As a heart-centered business owner myself, I get you! I understand your fear of feeling too pushy. I get that many taught strategies are too salesy for your liking because if you were to be confronted by one of them, you would likely run for the hills.
It’s like those networking meetings where business cards and pamphlets are shoved in your face – ICK!
I promise you (and I don’t make promises lightly) it can be different. As small business owners, we CAN market with heart focused intention.
We work together as I guide and coach you, and occasionally take the digital/tech jobs off of your hands, to create the business of your dreams and make it work for you.

 I do not believe in a one-size fits all approach, ever!

You are uniquely you and so is your business.

You may be feeling overwhelmed, unsure of your next steps, or lacking the plan needed in order to move you forward in your business. Perhaps you are just starting out or maybe you are ready to take action on something new like launching a newsletter with an optin, a membership or an online course but you are unclear of where to go from here.

I am here to help! You are not alone ♡

I’m Amanda Gobatto ♡ aka Digital Girl {Canadian Small Business Coach | Consultant & Strategist} and I work hand-in-hand with you to create a positive impact in this world through what you offer in your small business.

Let's Work Together 1:1

My passion is to work with you to guide, teach and empower you to confidently show up every day with aligned intention to build and grow your small business.

Heartledpreneurs™ Community

A place for heartled small business owners to connect, learn and grow. Everything from free networking + connecting to monthly Social Media Think Tank and Biz Bliss Masterclass Series and more…

Connecting You and Your Brand to the World!

The struggle is real. There is a lot to learn and navigate with your online business. 

You are not alone!

I work alongside you to bring it all together so that you can feel

confident, clear and organized moving forward in alignment with your passion.


When you understand what your next steps are and how to make true connections with your aligned audience, your confidence grows and you will shine your true, authentic self out to the world!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is often where small business owners feel stuck. The pressure and the uncertainty of how/what/when to post. Social Media Think Tank and/or 1:1 coaching and training will help you feel confident and clear in your social media marketing.

Productivity, Workflow and Organization

When you have an organized and intentional plan of how to move forward, you gain momentum and the ball starts to roll. This is the part when we pause to do a happy dance together.

The Many Components of your Small Business

  • newsletters and emails
  • website, blogs, articles
  • podcast
  • graphics, photos, videos
  • booking calendars
  • online courses
  • online memberships
  • products
  • social media
  • zoom / webinar / meetings
  • marketing strategy
  • content creation and strategy
  • branding, personal branding

My promise…

Lead with heart and you will always experience results. We will create a positive impact in this world one human at a time.

When you work with me, you will experience a warm, safe and inclusive space to authentically be YOU.

I believe that no question is stupid and everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way.

I will encourage, empower and guide you to step into your unique self, shine out to the world and offer your true value.

You will hear me say “you do you” A LOT!

And THAT IS a promise!

A little bit more about Heartledpreneurs™ Collective…

The Heartledpreneurs Community is an inclusive space for all small business owners who lead with heart.

There are a variety of opportunities including:

♡ Heartledpreneur Small Business Circles (networking)
♡ Social Media Think Tank
♡ Biz Bliss Masterclass Series

♡ Group Coaching Experiences
♡ and more!



Leading Life + Business with Heart Through These Values…

Empowering you to live life with this mantra in mind… #YouDoYou!

open minded
celebrate uniqueness
lead with heart
radical kindness

being of service
life long learning
curiosity + creativity
growth mindset



digital girl consulting
Working with Amanda is both a gift to my business and a heart-felt pleasure for me personally.

She is one of the most brand-aligned people I know. She certainly is HEART-LED and has a unique ability to understand my needs and meet me exactly where I am in my business journey, even when I don’t exactly know where that is. Amanda creates and holds a very safe, and sacred space for me to explore and step more fully into my unique business purpose while helping me craft and develop my personal brand. My business has a lot of new, unique and growing parts which Amanda understands, effectively navigates, aligns and moves forward without judgement, agenda or hesitation. What Amanda offers is invaluable, often intangible and holistically beneficial. She is a shining example of a true Heart-Led Entrepreneur. Her professional skill set, heart-centered integrity and delightful personality makes every meeting with Amanda an honour, a privilege and a pleasure, for which I am truly grateful.

~ Alaina H.

Amanda has the most beautiful way of helping you find the best planning and strategies for you.

Working with her is really fun and heart warming. I have gained so much confidence and planning skills, I am now excited to work on my digital marketing where before I truly dreaded it. The results are very clear. I highly recommend her. You and your business will benefit greatly!

~ Jen Wende

Amanda was really helpful with looking over my existing website and letting me know how I could present things more effectively.

She had lots of ideas about how to promote my blog and to shape my services. I have a better understanding of what I am offering and why. I would highly recommend working with Amanda.

~ Dana Webster

Amanda is an absolute light.

As I’m sure anyone that connects with her will agree, she shows up authentically and shares from her heart, and encourages other #heartlepreneurs to do the same! If you are heart-centred and working to be strategic with your digital presence, Amanda aka Digital Girl, is the answer!

~ Christen M. James, Mindset Coach

Amanda lives out her mantra "connecting you and your brand to the world" with the utmost skill, integrity, and authenticity.

Amanda takes the time to truly understand you and your business, and in my case helped me gain clarity and confidence in who I am and how I can turn up in the world. Operating equal parts as a coach, consultant, and strategist she has helped me to revamp my business into an online platform and ensured I can succeed in a highly competitive industry without sacrificing my values. Amanda truly feels like my business partner vs a hired company and demonstrates regularly how she is every bit as invested in my success as I am. Amanda shows her drive to see me succeed in her work ethic, her clear communication, her strategy and brainstorming, and in the results she helps me achieve monthly.

~ Tawny Stowe

How Digital Girl Consulting Can Support You

1:1 Options:

  • by the hour
  • 12 week Create a Ripple Package
  • Curate Your Own Journey (for returning clients)

Digital Support Options:

  • by the hour
  • by the unique project

1:1 Coaching & Consulting

Do you want support, guidance and accountability in any of the following circumstances:

  • if you are just starting out and need a clear path forward
  • if you are looking to implement or refine a new offering, system or strategy
  • if you are all together feeling a loss of direction and require clarity, a plan, a path forward and support during implementation

Some common areas are: social media strategy/content, client onboarding sequence/strategy, your client journey, business + marketing systems and strategies, online course creation and implementation, overall branding + messaging, newsletter campaigns, online course creation, opt-in to attract new leads, tweaking your existing website or strategy and content creation to create a new website.

Digital Support Services

  • Branding
  • Logo creation
  • Online and print promotional creatives
  • Social media graphics
  • Pdf/optin/course content design
  • Website design and tweaks using WordPress
  • membership platform creation/input (e.g. Thinkific, Simplero, New Zenler)
  • Newsletter setup, template creation, newsletter creation/sendout
  • Blog post layout, optimization and posting services

About Amanda

Marry the following and you’ve got yourself a heart-centered consultant and coach and digital goddess (oh my goodness, that feels funny to say, but many people have called me this so it’s time I own it, wouldn’t you say?) who has your best interest at heart all the times:

  • a gift of being intuitively techy
  • a creative mindset
  • a big picture thinker who pays attention to the smaller details while considering all of the moving parts
  • over 16 years of experience in the field
  • a successful blogger
  • a lifelong learner
  • a personal growth junkie
  • someone who treats your business as her own

After working with many different types of learners from my experience as a trained educator, I am able to meet your individual needs, learning and workflow style as well as guide you in a way that creates an effective impact on your small business journey.

Amanda Has Spoken at Events for…


Published Articles for…

dreamer2creator business magazine
today's parent

Been Featured on…

Shine to Five Method
strong fit life
what led her here podcast

Are you ready to move forward with confidence, clarity and connection?

Have questions? Let’s connect!


9 + 14 =

Do you have a special spot to save photos that remind you of a time that was magical in your life?

I took this photo at the top of the Rocky Mountains in May of 2015 when I was invited to attend the launch of the Samsung 8 with Rogers. We filmed a commercial and I experienced one of the most magical moments of my life including sleeping on the side of a mountain, listening to a Canadian musician play life music on the top of a mountain and so much more! It was a pivotal point in my life and career. And so I save it and put it front and center as a visual cue to remember the magic that comes when you step out of your fears and into what becomes your new comfort zone.