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When COVID hit, not only did we have to create an office space in a small home, but we had to accommodate two adults working from home and two children studying at home.

We live in a relatively small home and it worked well for us (for the most part) up until all 4 of us (my husband and two kids) were now home 24/7.

Prior to COVID, I worked at our kitchen table.

This worked well for me because of the lighting and larger space to spread out my work.

Working in a central space also means that I can navigate being a Mom and a business woman when the kids are home and I am cooking dinner while continuing with work.

When COVID hit we had to rearrange the use of rooms in our home.

My husband had to bring his office equipment home, the only logical space size wise for him to set up was our kitchen table. I needed to move my office.

Not only would it be distracting for me as I work best in my own space, but two of us in one room together wouldn’t work for the many work calls and meetings that we take throughout the day.

So, I moved my office (my laptop, my bullet journal and my colourful pens and markers) upstairs into our master bedroom.

While it isn’t ideal for me to work in the same room that I am meant to relax and sleep in, it is the only option. AND for the most part, it is working really well.

I now have a door to my office, which has proven to be quite useful during this time. AND even though my workspace is smaller than I am used to, I have a system that works for me.

Slowly over the past 3 months, I have transitioned my workspace.

My workspace is now one that works well for my needs and my flow of work. I have also added a few staples to my new office in my bedroom. One of the new items is a AnthroDesk Ergonomic Wobble Chair. My typical office chair is large and isn’t an ideal size or style for my bedroom office.

I am really enjoying the versatility of this new stool. When I am sitting on a Zoom call for long periods of time (like during Social Media Think Tank), it allows me to move around.

I love that I can change it’s height, it allows me to move throughout my workday (of course I take many real movement breaks as well) and it gives me the opportunity to strengthen my core, which is an added bonus.

My other office staples include a salt lamp, my inspirational mantra sign that says “you do you” and my deck of oracle cards to keep me inspired and open to possibilities.

So…how did I create my office space in a small home?

I am creative; I kept it simple and I have small furniture. My desk is one that folds up when it isn’t in use. Although admittedly I have not folded it up since COVID caused us to be at home.

My stool is small which takes up less of a footprint than a traditional office chair on wheels. And I use portable bins and a folding tv table for extra storage.

How has your work space transitioned during COVID times? I would love to hear any tips or tricks that you have found worked for you.