As I write this blog entry, I am sitting here thinking about all of my clients. Most of their businesses changed overnight because of the Coronavirus.

My brain automatically went into overdrive and I have received many creative downloads for my clients on how they can tweak, pivot or shift their business. Ideas have come through for how businesses can continue to be present for their customers or clients, in a different way. I love it when creative downloads come through in perfect time, don’t you?

Keep your eyes open for opportunities and put on your creative mindset.

There have been many posts on social media where someone has posted a challenge and someone else has stepped up with kindness. “Thank you for your kindness, I will not forget this.” is usually the response. How can you as a business or a business owner step up and go above and beyond for your community right now?

We know that we cannot be everything to everyone.

That is one of the reasons why you hear the term “niche marketing” everywhere. With that knowledge, I encourage you to think of your ideal client. How does the state of the world, our community and our lives affect them in this present moment.

Ask yourself the following questions to help guide you:

How is your ideal client feeling?

Who are they having to support right now?

What do they need? Have their needs shifted?

Are there any tools or services that you can offer in this moment?

I encourage you to think outside of the box. How can YOU, as an individual or as a business, offer support to your community. And how you can remain top of mind?

Remember…you are not alone!

I need to acknowledge that not everyone can offer support. If this is you, that is perfectly OK. For example, if your job is to stay home and care for your children all day, that is an equally important role. Please, do not allow yourself to feel any guilt. We are all doing the best we can with the resources we have.

Many business owners are shifting their focus to the online space and social media.

Here are some ideas to consider to help keep you and your business top of mind:

  • offer inspiration, positivity and/or humour in your social media presence, blog and/or newsletter
  • get REAL online ~ share behind the scenes right now even if it isn’t business related
  • if you are in a position to offer your personal services to the more vulnerable individuals, make an announcement
  • provide education/tips to your online community on how they can support themselves

Your small business has changed due to the Coronavirus.

I want you to remember that “this too shall pass”. We are in this TOGETHER.

Do you need to bounce some ideas off of a group of supportive business owners? I invite you to join our Facebook Group. We are here for you.

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