Samantha King | Fempire Builders

Amanda is more than a social media person. She is a unicorn, and that’s why I hired her. Sure, she manages my Facebook activities by creating graphics and posts that speak in my brand’s voice, which she has spent a lot of time working closely with me to understand through and through, BUT…she is also a huge part of the puzzle that is my marketing strategy. Her input and adivce is always spot on and has resulted in increased exposure for my brand on a regular basis. Ad campaigns are no trouble for her, as she understands each platform and the intricacies of how we as a public are interacting on all of them. This understanding has also been INSTRUMENTAL in her training me on new platforms, like Pinterest, that I needed to manage on my own while building my revenue up to be able to afford to hand it over to Amanda. As I transitioned to a business that is more focused on the online market, including blogging, Amanda was my go-to as her experience monetizing her own blog, Multi-Testing Mommy, made her the PERFECT person to guide my brand and online presence during this critical time. Did I mention that Amanda is the only person I know personally that has monetized a blog.

She is a unicorn, PEOPLE!

People who know me like to tease me saying that I think I have 48 hours in the day. The reality is that I am full-aware that I don’t. What I do have is partners like Amanda who I can give an idea or concept to, strategize a plan for accomplishing it, and have them execute flawlessly as the two of us work together to get to our end game. Every entrepreneur needs those kind of hands as their extra set of hands, and, people, Amanda is the real deal.

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